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Exploring Moving Services for Businesses

Hello, my name is Seth Cumberland. I am here to share my experiences and knowledge about moving your entire company. When my first business outgrew the existing building, I knew it was time for a move. I cringed at the thought of shutting down operations for more than a day to complete the move. Thankfully, I was able to hire professional movers to help me pack, organize, load and unload my company's belongings. The items made it safely to the new building and were setup before the next business day. I will discuss moving services and expectations concerning professional movers. My site will be used to explore ways to make the move quick and easy. I hope to share tips and tricks for cutting down moving costs as well. Thanks for your time.


Boost Safety And Security When Storing Collectibles

Placing rare collectibles in a self-storage unit definitely reduces the chances that the items end up damaged or stolen. Merely placing your rare belongings in storage might not be enough to ease your concerns about a mishap befalling them. Taking a few extra protective steps could help you worry a bit less about the safety and security of your prized merchandise.

Invest in Proper Secondary Protective Packaging

Placing valuable items inside an expensive, protective storage crate is a smart move. To be doubly-sure the collectibles are safe, wrap the items in a secondary protective packaging. So, you end up with packaging within packaging.

For example, collectors of rare and old letters and photographs should purchase special archive-containers designed for maximum age and stain resistant protection. The special container is then placed inside the main box as opposed to putting the photos in a folder or a plastic bag. While the exterior container definitely offers good protection, having a backup protection in place never hurts.

Select a Second-Floor Unit

Unless someone breaches entry to the interior of the unit, your protective steps remain in place. Is there anything you can do to keep maintenance personnel out of the unit so things remain untouched?

Repair work or upgrades on the locks may be performed periodically. Usually, this is done when the doors and hinges to storage units start showing signs of wear and tear. Excess use contributes to wear and tear. Second-floor storage units might not experience anywhere near as much wear and tear as those on the first floor.

People find second-floor units inconvenient. So, they choose to rent first-floor units even when they cost more. Lack of use means the locks and hinges second-floor units experience use. This, in turn, means no one ends up having to open or remove the door presenting a possible hazard or security.

The Chained Container Strategy

The chances of someone stealing anything out of a properly-managed self-storage facility are extremely low. Even still, if you are worried about theft, there is a way to make things difficult for thieves.

Take three container boxes and padlock chains around them from front to back and side to side. Then, take additional chains and weave them through the chains affixed on all three boxes. Padlock the chains. Now, moving or removing the containers becomes a lot harder, as they are all chained together.

These are all relatively minor steps to take, and they deliver major improvements in safety, security, and peace of mind. For more information about storage, contact Rabbone Enterprises Pty Ltd. or a similar company.